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Kidepo Valley National Park is Located on along the Sudanese border in North Eastern Uganda,. It is one of the most spectacular Nationla Parks in Uganda covering an estimated 1,442 square kilometers.

The vegetation of the area comprises of Semi-desert scrub, open thorn-scrub, open thorn-bush, long and short-grass open tree savannas, montane forest and granite out-crops that provide beautiful scenery from all directions.

The Park comprises a large variety of bird species such as the Black-breasted Barbet and Karamoja Apallis. Other wildlife include Kidepo's mammal list of over 80 species and 28 that are found in no other Ugandan National park.

Amongst these are such charismatic African animals as Bat-eared Fox, Carcal, Cheetah and Klipspringer.

The park also has a very rich and diverse reptile fauna. Activities: A number of activities include Game viewing, Hiking and scenery viewing, picnics, cultural performances, nature walks and many more. How to get there: The Park can be accessed either by road or by air. The most common route by road is from Kampala via Mbale, Soroti and Moroto on and 840 km journey. Semliki Wildlife Reserve Semliki Wildlife Reserve is Located in western Uganda, near Fort Portal around Lake Albert. The Reserve is dominantly grassland, savannah, wetland and forest habitat.

The Reserve is blessed with various bird species with the shoebill stork being the commonest of them all. Animals from Uganda kob to elephants, chimpazees, leopards, Antelopes, Buffaloes, and many types of monkeys are more animals to look out for when visiting the reserve.

Activities:From guided walks to boat trips on Lake Albert.

How to get there: Follow the road towards Semliki National Park for 30km, then take a right turn which after about 35km leads to the lodge.

Where to stay: Semliki Safari Lodge situated in the Semliki Valley Wildlife Reserve.

Kidepo Valley

Kidepo Valley Highlights

  • wildlife viewing
  • bird watching

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