Mount Kilimanjaro National Park Travel

The snow-covered splendor of the highest mountain in Africa is visible on a clear day from more than 250 kms away. Kilimanjaro rises from the vast open plains.

First mentioned by Ptolemeus (a 2nd Century Greek philosopher and geographer), the largest mountain in Africa and highest free standing mountain in the world, has proved a magnet to climbers, naturalists, travelers and explorers over the centuries. Only three degrees from the equator, the Victorians believed Kilimanjaro's snow to be a flight of fancy for many years.

Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa and stands at 5,895 meters, three degrees south of the equator. The mountain, a dormant volcano, has two peaks - Kibo and Mawezi, which are surrounded by dense forests full of dazzling variety of flora and fauna.


  • Kibo Hotel (at base)
  • Marangu Hotel
  • Mountain Inn
Mount Kilimanjaro National Park

Mount Kilimanjaro National Park Highlights

  • Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro
  • game drives
  • bird-watching tours
  • trekking & hiking tours
  • camping tours