Sweetwaters Travel

Sweetwaters is 20,000 acres of privately owned wilderness in the heart of the Laikipia area of Kenya. The landscape is mainly open grassy plains, thorny thickets and acacia woodland. The Uaso Nyiro river runs through the reserve and there are a number of waterholes and dams. The reserve has a network of tracks for game drives allowing visitors to explore the reserve and to see a wide variety of wildlife species. The reserve boasts abundant wildlife - over 400 species of birds, lion, elephant, rhino and cheetah to name just a few. Sweetwaters is noted for its black rhino and elephant, hippo, lion, giraffe, zebra, eland, warthog, Oryx, impala, gazelles etc. Night game drives offer opportunities of seeing some of the nocturnal animals like aardvark or even leopard. As this is a private reserve there are fewer visitors than in the main national parks, offering a more exclusive wildlife experience.

Within Sweetwaters there is a chimpanzee sanctuary where rescued chimpanzees are being looked after by a dedicated team. A visit to the sanctuary is a rewarding experience. At the visitors' information centre there is a small museum and nearby a tame black rhino, named Morani, reared as an orphan by the Kenya Wildlife Service. You can approach this fully-grown adult male black rhino quite safely on foot, escorted by a ranger.


Sweetwaters Highlights