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Saiwa Swamp National Park was established in 1974 and is the smallest national park in Kenya. It’s primary purpose was to protect the fragile habitat for a very rare semi-aquatic antelope – the Sitatunga.  The park covers an area of 2.9km².

The vegetation at the park features a mixture of forest and swamp habitat with tall bushes and reeds at the edges. Other game in the park includes; otters, the black and white Colobus monkeys,  genets, mongooses, bushbucks and De Brazzas monkeys. The park has no road, game viewing is done from the wee thought out walking trails and bridges that snake through this delicate habitat. There are boardwalks and four strategically placed observation towers to watch the wildlife and 372 species of birds including the Ross' turaco and the blue-headed coucal.

The Sitatunga stands 1.5 metres tall and has webbed feet and a water proof coat that allow them to hide under water whenever threatened, leaving just the tip of their noses above the water.

Saiwa Swamp is 385km northwest of Nairobi near Kitale town. It has one main entrance, the Sitatunga Gate. A tour to Saiwa camp is usually combined with a visit to the nearby Mt. Elgon. The nearest airstrip is 22km from Kitale town.

Saiwa Swamp National Park

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