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At an altitude of 4321 metres, Mt. Elgon is Kenya’s second highest mountain. It lies 470km (292 mi) north-west of Nairobi, and 140 km northeast of Lake Victoria. This ancient volcano has one of the largest calderas in the world (40km) across which the border of Kenya and Uganda lies. The Mt. Elgon National Park covers 169sq km covered with a huge natural forest featuring the huge Elgon teak and cedar trees that grow up to 24Metres above the forest floor. The mountain is popular for the lava tube caves, where elephants and other animals can be seen digging for salts. t. Mt. Elgon is also important as a catchment area for the Nzoia and Turkwel Rivers which flow into Lake Victoria and Lake Turkana respectively.

The vegetation and wildlife on the mountain varies with altitude. It rises from montane forest to open moorland with different landscapes as you climb. A good variety of wildlife is resident here including; elephant, buffalo, oribi, bushbuck, Defassa's water buck, leopard and spotted hyena. The colobus and blue monkeys are also in abundance. The dense vegetation provides perfect hiding place for most of the wildlife. Reed bucks can be be seen high up in the mountain near the caldera rim.

The lower areas of the park can be explored in a 4x4. Hiking is another popular activity and there are a good number of nature trails. There are also three nature trails that lead to both the caves and Elephant Bluff. Mountain climbing to the caldera can be achieved in an average of about 3 hours.

How to get to Kitale from Nairobi

Kitale is the nearest town on the Kenyan side of the mountain is Kitale. The distance from Nairobi to Kitale is about 350 km and can be covered in about 3 to 4 hours. Flight time is about 1 hour.

Mt. Elgon National Park

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