Chyulu Hills National Park Travel

Chyulu Hills National Park is set around the Chyulu Hills which are located 190 km southeast of Nairobi. The Chyulu Hills are thought to have erupted as recently as 200 years ago. There famous Shetani Volcano draws its name from the Swahili word for devil and local folklore talks about many deaths which occurred here. The Shetani lava flow is what remains of this volcano, with an appropriate black color. The Chyulu Hills range is mainly composed of craters and ash cones.

The area does not have much water but when it rains, the water percolates through the hills’ porous volcanic soils settling in underground rivulets feeding the numerous permanent fresh water sources scattered about the surrounding plains. The famous Mzima Springs in the Tsavo West National Park get its water this way and supports a diverse ecosystem, even acting as the main water supply for the nearby city of Mombasa.

The relatively undisturbed range still shelters indigenous vegetation and wildlife. It rises from frassland to montane forest which is home to black rhino, buffalo, zebra, steinbock, giraffe, warthog, oryx, leopard, lion, bushbuck, eland, wildebeest and elephant. There’s also plenty of snakes like the rock python, black mamba, puff adder.

Access to the park is mainly by road – a distance of 230km on good all weather road which takes about 5 hours. The main activities here game viewing cave exploration, horse riding and hiking.

Chyulu Hills National Park

Chyulu Hills National Park Highlights

  • Pretty recent volcanoes and lava flows
  • Opportunity for Walking/Hiking Safaris
  • Numerous caves